Your Child's First Day

What to bring to Kindergarten:

  • Each child is to bring a snack box to kinder each session. The snack should be substantial enough to sustain your child throughout their session.
  •  (All food is to be placed in a named snack box with a catch that can be opened by a child.)

Appropriate and safe snack box choices are:

  •  Salad sandwiches (containing ham or cheese)
  •  Yoghurt
  •  Rice Crackers with dip (no nuts or sesame seeds)
  •  Celery and carrot sticks
  •  Dried fruit
  •  Cheese sticks

Please note: Due to the risk of anaphylaxis we request that you do not bring any foods containing honey, nuts, sesame or eggs. Please note that exclusion foods may change should a child present with an allergy that is not listed.

Bags and clothing:

  • Kindergarten bag – to transport paintings and other work home, preferably one, which they can open and close themselves.
  • Children should be dressed in comfortable clothing, which they can manage themselves, especially when using the toilet. Please name all removable clothing.
  • Although we supply smocks, the children will still get messy at times, so please send them in suitable clothing.
  • Please keep a spare set of clothing (including underpants) in your child’s bag at all times.
  • Sturdy footwear for outdoor play is preferable. Shoes with some grip are helpful, and no thongs please, as these are dangerous for climbing. Boots are ideal for winter.
  • Children should wear sunscreen and will also need to bring a sun smart hat to wear outdoors in term one and term four.
  • Children are not to wear spaghetti strapped dresses or singlets to kinder. Children must always have sleeves (short sleeved T-shirts are acceptable).
  • Children should bring a warm hat and jacket to wear in the winter and cold days, as we will be playing outdoors each session unless it is raining.


  • We discourage children from bringing their toys to kindergarten, as they are easily lost or broken.


  • At the start of the year each family is requested to bring an item that we use in large quantities, your donations are much appreciated.
  • 3 Year old Group – a box of tissues
  • 4 Year old Group – a ream of copy paper


Birthday celebrations are very important to young children, and staff want to make the Birthday child’s celebration at Kindergarten special and fun. You may like to put your name down on the parent help roster on your child’s birthday (or the nearest session) to share in the celebrations. If you wish you can bring some cup cakes or muffins for your child to give to their friends at the end of the session. We believe in the importance of role modelling and good nutritional practices, so please do not provide lollies, chocolates, chips etc.

In accordance with the Children’s Services regulations and centre policy, a list of ingredients must be provided with the food, so we ensure no allergic reactions occur with any child.  See Appendix 1 ‘Food provided from home notification and ingredients list’ at the end of this booklet.  Extra copies can be obtained from the kindergarten.

We believe that it is important for children to become familiar with values, customs, beliefs and traditions of other people and the ways they celebrate special occasions. Celebrations and joyful experiences foster in children attitudes of acceptance and value of culture. We welcome any assistance and information parents can give us, particularly regarding a festival or event your family celebrates.

Families who do not celebrate birthdays or other celebrations for religious or personal reasons are encouraged to notify their child’s teacher at the time of enrolment so appropriate planning can be implemented.

Please distribute party invitations via the post or email.

Parental Envolvement

Family involvement within our governance structure is one of the key contributors to KU’s longevity and growth. There are many ways you can be involved in, and contribute to, the governance and direction of KU, including:

  •  Becoming a KU Member;
  •  Becoming a KU Council Representative;
  •  Being elected to the KU Board of Directors;
  •  Being part of the Parent Advisory Group (PAG).

Family Involvement/how families can help

Families are encouraged to attend kindergarten sessions and to be involved in the children’s learning experiences.  This gives staff both an opportunity to informally share information with you about your child and the program and some extra help at learning experiences so they can work closely with individual children and small groups when needed.  It is an expectation that one or two parents are rostered on to share some time with us and assist at each session.

Helping at Kindergarten gives you an opportunity to:

  • Spend valuable time with your child (Children enjoy their parents’ involvement and often look forward to these occasions).
  • Get to know your child’s friends and your centre staff.
  • Observe your child in a group setting.
  • Share special skills (cooking, music etc).
  • See the program in action.

Other ways in which you can help include:

  •  Supporting committee learning experiences and fundraising.
  • Helping with laundry by having an occasional turn to wash smocks, towels etc.
  • Attending working bees.
  • Attending committee meetings.
  • Helping with excursions and incursions.
  • Maintaining gardens and playgrounds.
  • Mending and maintaining equipment.

Parent Communication

Each group has a Group Secretary who provides you with information regarding play dates, important kinder information, fundraising events etc.

Teachers also communicate with you via emails and phone. You will also receive information via term newsletters and reflections. A notice board above the sign in book will display updates and messages relevant to your child’s group and/or for the whole kinder community.