The art program will run every Friday in the four-year old groups. This Program will be led by Annie Millsom, educator and artist.

This program aims to inspire and nurture creativity through the arts, working in collaborations with the four-year old teaching professionals, the Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the National Quality Framework.

The Art Program is based on an emergent curriculum and will be driven by the interests, ideas and imagination of the children. The teachers will then provide the scaffolding, in terms of materials, learning experiences, skills and encouragement to facilitate the interpretation of these ideas.

Participation in the Art Program promotes the creative capacity of children to become creative thinkers, problem solvers and develop creative judgement. We hope that the program will help the children to increase their access and engagement with the arts, whilst providing a sense of social inclusion, feeling of ownership and connection to community.

Involvement with the Art Program acknowledges the experiences, skills, passions and gifts of children, artists and educational professionals.