It might take a village to raise a child, but it took the East Ivanhoe Community ten years of fundraising before they could start building our Preschool on King Street.  The site was purchased in 1946 and the building was officially opened on May 17 1958.

The original building is still the foundation of our preschool, but there have been many improvements and alterations made during the past fifty eight years, which has only been possible through the generosity of past parents and local businesses.  Our kindergarten relies heavily on fundraising

Banyule Council owns the land and building.  The Preschool community manages and maintains the Kindergarten and its facilities. 

East Ivanhoe Preschool is a member of the bestchance Early Years Management.  This means the management of the kindergarten is handled by bestchance.  Please contact Early Years Management on 8562 5153 or eym@bestchance.org.au if you have any questions.

bestchance works in partnership with the educators to support the delivery of a quality Kindergarten program.


Early Years Management is the leading platform to achieve improved outcomes for all young children, through the delivery of world-class, accessible early childhood education and care services.

bestchance is your kindergartens Early Years Management (EYM) organisation responsible to lead and manage a sustainable service that is focussed on improving outcomes for children.  The benefits of EYM are multiple:

·         Children benefit from high-quality, inclusive services provided by professionals who are well supported to adopt contemporary and evidence-based practices.

·         Parents can focus their involvement on supporting their children’s learning free of the compliance, industrial, financial and operational obligations required of approved early childhood service providers

·         Staff benefit from organisational structures and processes that support them in their day-to-day work, but also have a view to the future creating career pathways and professional development opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Early Years Management is built on a four-way partnership, where partners work together to deliver quality early education experiences for all children.

The partners are:

·         Families –EYM organisation – bestchance

·         Local government

·         The Department

In an EYM partnership, bestchance undertakes the day-to-day management of the kindergarten service.  bestchance is the approved provider of the service and is responsible for:

·         Ensuring compliance with the National Law and Regulations

·         Hiring and managing appropriately qualified staff and supporting their professional development

·         Ensuring service viability and acquitting funding to the Department

·         Ensuring delivery of high-quality education program, aligned with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework

·         Other operational requirements


General EYM phone enquiries 8562 5153

General enquiries email eym@bestchance.org.au

Enrolments team enrolments@bestchance.org.au

Account enquiries finance@bestchance.org.au

Website https://www.bestchance.org.au/